Longitudinal lumbering

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IDevice Icon K-12: longitudinal graduation rates
  • Criticism of state-defined measures for No Child Left Behind Act (Hall, 2005)
  • Growth in state database development
    • Started with Texas and Florida in 1990s
    • Needed for any growth-like measures in achievement
  • National Governors Association 2005 compact on graduation rates
    • Will follow students longitudinally from first time in 9th grade
    • Will remove out-transfers from and add in-transfers into 9th-grade cohort
    • Will calculate "on-time" and lagged cohort graduation measures

IDevice Icon Higher education: Unit records database
  • Proposed as part of IPEDS modification (Cunningham & Milan, 2005)
  • Pushed by Charles Miller, chair of Spellings Commission on the Future of Higher Education
  • Would keep a rolling register of all higher-education students in the U.S.
    • Tracked by individual identifiers
    • Contain data on credits earned in which institution
    • Contain financial-aid data