December 10, 2004

Searching for something?

You may have noted the paucity of entries here if you're searching—and as the person who maintains the site, I see the searches in the activity log. But other researchers have to become users and submit entries about their research projects to show up here and be searchable.

So, if you're a researcher looking for a like-minded person, please sign up and tell the world what you're up to!

Posted by sdorn at 09:40 AM

February 05, 2004


I've noticed a number of searches of the site in the last few days. I'm glad this has stoked interest! But since there are right now only 17 entries, after less than a week of going public, I suspect there have to be more people submitting information and fewer trying to retrieve information to get the right long-term balance. At the moment, you're more likely to hit entries from my personal weblog than from the History of Education and Childhood collective web log/resource site. You're all welcome to browse my blog, but I suspect that's not what the searches are looking for.

The left-hand strip does list recent entries by category, and clicking on the category label will load the page with all entries from that category.

Posted by sdorn at 04:13 PM

December 31, 2003


Welcome to the History of Education and Childhood web I'm hosting. I intend this to be a place where colleagues can describe their ongoing research, post syllabi or links to teaching web sites, discuss archives and other source materials, and post news about outlets for research and other discussions. Please register as a contributor and comment on individual items as you see fit.

Posted by sdorn at 03:07 AM