December 26, 2003

Sabbatical proposal

Over the rest of break, I'll be writing a sabbatical proposal for a book on academic freedom, using USF's controversy over the firing of Sami Al-Arian as one of several cases of academic-freedom controversies since September 11, 2001.

Supplementing the larger examination of national issues by the American Association of University Professors, this project will focus on the issues raised by specific cases:

  1. How have attitudes towards Islam shaped academic-freedom cases since 9/11?
  2. How has media attention (and university responses to media attention) shaped academic-freedom cases since 9/11?
  3. How have the changing structure of American universities shaped academic-freedom cases since 9/11?
  4. How has the changing politics of higher education shaped academic-freedom cases since 9/11?

Each core case involves attitudes towards Islam and provoked considerable media attention. With institutions ranging from a community college to one of the most famous public research universities in the country and from several regions of the country, the academic-freedom controversies since 9/11 can tell us much about the changing structure and politics of higher education.

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