April 16, 2001

Home stretch, or the calm before the storm

This week is the penultimate one in the semester schedule, and so work is going to start piling up. Doing nothing work-wise over the weekend was crucial to my maintaining my balance as everything comes due for students and I need to read things quickly and fairly. When I was an undergraduate and graduate student, I would go on candy binges at the ends of semesters, but I can no longer do so with impunity at my age. Carrots, on the other hand, ...

Other issues are always surfacing and respect no schedule. We have a new chair in the deparment who will be coming in July, and with the loss of two faculty members over the past three years in my program (social foundations of education—I am an historian of education), we're going to be hard pressed to meet our obligations for both undergraduate and graduate teaching. We also have some long-term interests, both as faculty members and as members of our field:

  • To have a teaching load that is involved in both teacher education and advanced graduate studies;
  • To have time for research and writing;
  • To have departmental colleagues understand our program and field in concrete ways (e.g., reading and commenting on our work);
  • To be supported in our growth as a program, in terms of research and influence on the field.

We create a lot of "student credit hours", which is the lingo in our state system for what generates funds from the state, and yet I've also heard several colleagues from outside our program talk about our need to get involved more in graduate studies, as we're also supposed to be a top-notch research university. Hmmn. How can we simultaneously be intimately involved in teacher education and also expand our graduate teaching?

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