August 21, 2002


I am in the middle of the week from Heck (as Dilbert would put it). Yesterday, I began listing my tasks for the week and squeezed in everything I had to do, barely ... and then realized there were two huge projects (finishing a chapter and working with a set of data I should've had in my hands a month ago and maybe received properly yesterday) I hadn't scheduled. So I was in my office tonight getting stuff done for one class that meets for the first time on Saturday afternoon. I got back home at 10 p.m.

Also tonight, my union, the USF chapter of the United Faculty of Florida, found out that that our campus president has called a press conference tomorrow at 10 a.m., probably to announce that she is firing Sami Al-Arian. I'll be at a new-faculty orientation to press the flesh from 8:30-10:30, so I blessedly have an excuse to avoid the event itself, though I'll probably go back to my office passing through the administration building. I will be in a suit and wouldn't mind showing my face just to document that a number of faculty oppose the firing—or, on the unlikely chance that Dr. Genshaft has decided not to fire Al-Arian, to show some magnanimity and defend her from the inevitable carping. Listen to this article
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