August 4, 2002

It can't be the end of summer already

But it is... the children start school again on Wednesday, the academic year contract starts this year, and of course I finally received the data I had been hoping to work with this summer ... in the second half of last week. So I'm in today working with said data (or the start of it). I may need to rework the syllabus of the new course a bit, depending on whether I can get permission to use a pre-publication book MS in the course, and I need to look seriously at my other course before the end of the month (when classes start).

This is the first time in a while of weekends when I didn't choose just to work on what I would get satisfaction on. Today's been a bit frustrating, even if I've made some significant headway with the data. It'll be several more long days' worth of work to get it in shape and cleaned up. But there are other folks who need it, so...

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