February 28, 2002

Preparations for a trip

I have a bit of a bind this weekend, traveling to a gig (yes, a concert) where someone else is paying for my travel—and also getting some stuff done work-wise over the weekend. My students this week handed in a set of papers, and so I'll be reading them on the flights (while with my daughter). No chance of getting to them while I'm in San Jose, but that's life. I'll just have to crack down and work this afternoon and tomorrow morning, before I go.

I had a chat with my chair Tuesday morning about my limited time and expanded work. He'd probably advise me to be careful in how much time I spend writing a weblog. I agree. I think my primary task at the moment is to figure out how to be a better supervisor of graduate assistants and research and clerical staff. I hate the task of following up on things, but I think I just have to knuckle down, plan a set of tasks with a timeline, and follow up.

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