February 20, 2002

To go in or not to go in

Wednesday, when I need to pick my children up and drop them off with my spouse before I head to the faculty senate meeting. Do I head to the office or work at home? Unfortunately, I needed to commute, because I needed to print out quizzes for my Wednesday night class, drop off copies of some documents for a colleague, check in with a staff member on a project, and pick up a packet of materials to be copied for a faculty senate committee, if I'm guessing something correctly. And I was hoping to get some other work done! Alas, poor Yorick.

The virtual chat last night worked well for some of the students who came (five or six), who asked questions, and I wore my fingers out typing back my responses. I was disappointed by the turnout, but we'll see if "attendance" picks up in the next few weeks.

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