February 15, 2002

Computer Fritz

Who cares, at the moment, if the college's server is down? Well, most in the college do, since they rely on the servers for the software. I won't get into Tech Support politics at the moment, except to say that I have locally-installed software (with the proper licenses), so it does not affect me except when I need to print (which I don't think I will need to, this morning).

Up today:

  • Working on my annual review efficiently and without too much enthusiasm. What's the point, when there are no merit raises forthcoming this year, with the state's budget in disarray? The tenure packet was far more important (he said, bluntly).
  • Getting back to analysis of the GEAR UP data I have, and getting on top of other stuff on it. GEAR UP stands for Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs, a federally funded set of projects to encourage children attending schools with high proportions in free and reduced lunch programs to attend college. USF has one of the projects, now in its third year, and I'm the internal evaluator.
  • Looking at data on Florida education as part of my role in the Consortium for Educational Research in Florida (CERF). I have a few items on tap, and I want to get to it while the classes are requiring less of my time.
  • Following up on my requests to USF's Academic Computing about combining the Blackboard sites for my two sections of Social Foundations, so I can conduct an on-line chat for both of them simultaneously.
  • Reading a draft dissertation proposal for a graduate student.

Updated (5 pm). Hey, I did a bunch of that stuff! Now I go home.

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