July 3, 2001


I'm considering this week an offer from Bowling Green State University to join their education faculty. The college of education there mailed the offer letter while I was on my trip out West. I had promised the interim chair of our department last year that I would give him and USF an opportunity to counter-offer, and I'll make my decision by Friday one way or the other.

In the meantime, stuff still has to happen ...

  • I wrote about 30 pages of a book manuscript while on the trip, on my PDA.
  • An article manuscript that was accepted by the History of Education Quarterly needs some polishing.
  • Two colleagues and I are co-editing a book on Schools as Imagined Communities and, while one publisher looks at the prospectus, we write the introduction and wait for article manuscripts (thanks, Vicki Eaklor, for being the first to send in a draft chapter!), as well as redraft our papers from a conference last year for our own chapters.
  • An IRB (Institutional Review Board) proposal for a service project evaluation needs to go to our local office for approval.
  • The Consortium for Educational Research in Florida still needs data to eat—uh, analyze.
  • Miscellaneous other things catching up with stuff that happened while I was gone and was waiting for me on my desk and desktop.
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