June 13, 2001

Life with a PDA

I've done it—started on a two-week trip without a laptop to do work on. I thought about the data I could analyze (look at the archives) and then rethought the move, for several reasons (risk and weight being two important ones). So I left the number-crunching for when I get back and took my PDA from work, its keyboard, and a module to backup the data during the trip. During the plane flight to California, I rounded out two short pieces that (with some luck and time) will be part of a book manuscript that develops over the next year. It's too late to work more on it tonight (well, too late for me to work competently at it, for while it's 10 pm here in California, my brain tells me I'm typing at 1 am in Tampa).

I am a skeptic of technology for its own sake, but there are a few items I adore for what they can do. The ensemble I now have with me is light, small, and does more than the T1000 laptop I carried around to take notes at archives when I was in graduate school. Wireless PDAs are a little silly, to me, but I converted two of my colleagues to the PDA+keyboard idea this summer. Mine saved my life schedule-wise before the folding keyboards came out.

Of course, one still cannot write a blog entry from my PDA. So I borrow the computers of others. Listen to this article
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