June 7, 2001

Saving my life

I'm waiting here in a computer lab at the USF College of Education while a CD-ROM R/W drive writes all my workfiles to disk. I've been having problems using my backup facility, so I zipped my files up, sent them to my server-based directory, went here this morning, unzipped them, transferred them to the CD-ROM, and am now waiting for the drive to reorganize the directory so it's readable by CD-ROM drives. Ah, there it goes. Long process—I started about an hour ago. But this is quite important (see the title above), as anyone who has lost files can well testify. I also should be able to do some number-crunching while on a trip for two weeks June 12-26, because I downloaded a dataset for a project to the CD-ROM.

I'm also waiting for a device whereby I can backup my Palm files while I'm away from the desktop. My colleagues on a grant have a Visor with a backup device, and I envy them. So I'm getting one before our trip out west.

I suppose I should also note a real-life incident that justifies the title. Sunday, while we (my family) were driving to the Albuquerque airport from a memorial service near Santa Fe, New Mexico, a driver in the middle lane didn't see our car in the left lane and started to move over. I saw it barely in time, swerved half off the pavement, and honked. Since both cars were traveling at 55 mph or more, that would have been a very dangerous collision. Incidents like that and the memorial service put worklife in perspective.

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