June 5, 2001

Posing as Expert

Yesterday, a reporter from WCPN public radio in Cleveland asked me if I'd be willing to be interviewed on-air tomorrow morning about the Ohio testing system. Ohio's state department of education released some test results last week, and I gather the station will run a story summarizing them and then asking me some questions. I've been interviewed a few times by journalists, and it's one of the public services academics do (in addition to the ego-boost and minimal public attention).

The trick for preparation is to draft some short questions you think a journalist might ask and then think about your answers. It's much like guessing questions that would be on a final exam, except your answers on the exam are not read or heard by thousands of people. I have my "cheat sheet" on my desk right now.

I'm also revising the article manuscript that the History of Education Quarterly has accepted for publication (next year, probably in the fall). I've tried to make the first few paragraphs more readable.

Between two trips last week and the two-week trip starting June 12, I have a lot to do this week, playing catch-up and getting the ball rolling before I leave town.

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