May 12, 2001

Most enjoyable transferable skills

Over the past ten days, I've carried on a correspondence with a graduate student at another institution who is having problems with her advisor and wondering if she can do anything with her skills if "professoring" doesn't work out. Among other bits, I brought out our dogeared copy of Richard Bolles' What Color Is Your Parachute? (the 1993 edition). For the record, here are my ten most enjoyable transferable skills:

  1. Putting public policy in (a new) historical and sociological context
  2. Writing to teach or explain
  3. Researching history in archives
  4. Coaching students and colleagues
  5. Teaching history and related interdisciplinary courses
  6. Reading great scholarship
  7. Analyzing diverse sources of information (data)
  8. Referring people to each other or books for intellectual purposes
  9. Editing serious scholarly writing
  10. Getting things done in a bureaucracy to help other people

The first seven are fairly close to each other in terms of what I enjoy. Listen to this article
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