May 8, 2001

Tying up loose ends and creating others

My office desperately needs a river to run through it after the end-of-semester streamlining of tasks (teaching first, breathing second, everything else last). Nonetheless, I want to accomplish something concrete today. That chapter, still due in Herb Rieth's hands, needs but two citations and a proofreading before it goes off. So it has first priority.

The next set of tasks involve making my life more complicated, in the short run, and making other people's work possible in the long term. I need to start the work of collecting data sets for the new Consortium on Educational Research in Florida, so we have some numbers to crunch for the number-crunchers. I need to draft an Institutional Review Board (IRB) proposal for each piece of data we get. The details are many, and the reward may be long off. But this is work worth doing.

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