April 10, 2001

Climbing back on top

Being a professor is like the job of Sisyphus—no sooner is the ball up the hill than it rolls down, or another one appears at the bottom again. Fortunately, some of the balls are considerably enjoyable to roll. (Did anyone, by the way, think that maybe Sisyphus liked his task? Maybe he painted the ball as he rolled it.) That book chapter described in prior journals is mostly put to bed, and now I have part of an introductory chapter to another book to write, as well as a batch of papers that'll land on my desk in a week, several projects in the wings, and ...

But getting some things done is extraordinarily satisfying. I provided my classes today with some organizing background information for the papers they need to turn in, beyond the materials I gave them earlier. Several students came up with wonderful ideas in class that I had not even considered. I get to go home happy, as a result. Listen to this article
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