March 25, 2001

Faster transcription and going-out-of-business sales

I went to the configuration file and stripped out half of the things that were starting up with the computer, and that solved the problem—transcription is much faster now (the desktop's working right now on that). Yes, I'm back in the office on Sunday. The chapter is dictated, mostly transcribed, and needs references and editing. Whew!

Yesterday, after I came home, the kids and I went shopping for a compass Kathryn could use (found, at Wal-Mart), a frog piggy bank (a froggy bank?) (found, at a Learning Express store—more about that later), horses (same), and an egg timer (not found). Elizabeth (my spouse) does not like the clockwork timer I use to keep my showers short, in this drought Florida's had for two years, and we're not going to bring an electronic timer into the bathroom, so we've been looking for one of those three-minute egg timers. Wal-Mart didn't have one, the local grocery didn't, and we have no idea where to look. Any ideas?

We don't usually buy toys at chic places like Learning Express, but this was with the children's money, so they get to make the choice. (They had been feeding the pets of a neighbor, so they had enough to had some fun.) We also found out that Learning Express is going out of business— well, this particular store is, in about a month. Everything is 30% or more off. Is this the upside of the recession?

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