October 19, 2003

Wednesday and week summary

On Wednesday, I worked 2-3/4 hours.

  • 10:30-11:00, meeting
  • 11:45-2:00, lunch with staff in the college and another meeting.

Through the whole week, I worked 52 hours. I don’t mind the length of time spent. What’s remarkable about the experience is how little I did that was focused on broader obligations to my field and research. I had some meetings related to them, but I did no reading in my field this week (history or history of education) and no writing. There are so many things I left untouched that will probably remain untouched in the next week and perhaps month.

This is definitely a week that makes me think about the balances I have in my life. Work is important, but I can’t work too many more hours in a week without having serious repercussions for my family or my health. And I suspect I won’t work very well if I don’t get enough sleep. So, what to do? No easy solutions.

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