February 18, 2003

Willful or ignorant idiocy

I will admit first that, as a partisan in two overlapping battles at the University of South Florida, perhaps my view of the President’s Award for Excellence handed out over the past 6 weeks is cynical, but a colleague pointed something out to me today that flabbergasted me more than I thought possible, not from the outrageousness of it but the sheer stupidity of the omission. Never mind that the administration consulted neither with the faculty union nor with the faculty senate over the process, never made clear guidelines or processes, never announced the processes that did exist broadly to all faculty, never invited faculty to nominate themselves or provide some documentation, etc.

What I confirmed today was that the administration completely omitted all faculty from the regional campuses—St. Petersburg, Sarasota-Manatee, and Lakeland—from the awards. Not one of the 140 recipients came from the regional campuses. Why someone in the administration would want to shoot themselves in the foot over this, I don’t know, and there may yet be a list for the regional campuses that is separate from the process for Tampa. But regardless of the outcome, it’s more egg on the face of administrators who have already had to apologize to faculty for a royal screw-up in November (well, the most obvious royal screw-up in November).

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