February 10, 2003

Pleasurable work

Over the weekend, I’ve been reading parts of three memoirs I assigned my masters history of education class. I am delighted no one picked the fourth option, but all of the memoirs are wonderful, and I need to finish my own assignment before class tonight to discuss the memoirs as primary documents (historical sources) in their own right.

I also put together background materials for the perspective papers for my undergraduate social foundations of education course. I put together these topics every semester, generally combining a topic and place to give specificity and reduce the temptation to plagiarize. This semester’s topics are the funding lawsuit in New York state, the debates over the protection of/tolerance of gay/lesbian students in Florida high schools, and the debates over the Kamehameha Schools (a private trust set up by the last surviving descendant of Kamehameha for children of Hawaiian descent). Originally, I thought the last was going to be about admissions of non-Hawaiian students (the topic I had read of before the start of the semester), but I found out over the weekend about a scandal that had resulted in the remove and prosection of former trustees of the estate. So while I think including that topic would be a stretch for most students, I am including the relevant web sites in my resource list.

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