January 17, 2003

Work habits and meetings

The student from Haverford College who was shadowing me for several days this week told me yesterday (his last day) that I don’t end my work when I go home for the day. In fact, for the week, I did work late at night (which I do approximately half of every workweek). He saw that as unusual in jobs.

Part of the reason why I often work late at night is because of where I am at the moment, in a department meeting. The faculty is debating whether credentialing graduate faculty (whether someone can chair a doctoral dissertation committee) should happen at the college or department level. The consensus, I think, is that we think there still needs to be a college process, and that the proposal to shift it back to the department is not the fundamental question (the standards we use).

So I’ll be up again tonight doing something... not sure what, but something.

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