January 6, 2003

Smooth day

Today was not a particularly productive day. Nothing great happened. No great epiphanies. No finished projects. But it was a remarkably smooth day to begin a semester, at least for me: appointment at 8:30, discussion with some colleagues a bit later, appointment made at credit union for 1 pm, some business by phone until then, appointment at credit union, drive home, spend time with children, babysitter arrives on time, drive back to campus with a short stop at Wal-Mart for Polaroid film (see below), collect everything for class, go to class, have most of the class with you for the whole time (nice the first day), go home, go pick up new car. Some of that was not work-related, but there were no missed steps anywhere in the day. It’s a rare phenomenon and gives me the illusion that I’ve been in the middle of a railyard stepping effortlessly from one train to another through open doors, without so much as a jolt.

Tomorrow will surely have all sorts of mishaps. Maybe not.

Polaroid’s tiny i-Zone cameras have one very useful purpose: you can take pictures of students, quickly attach the photographs to the back of index cards with their names (and other relevant information, and then have flash cards to learn names.

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