December 27, 2003


I am both a technology user and a technology skeptic. I've just created my fourth (or maybe fifth?) weblog/journal (this here thing), imported entries from my prior work journals, and am likely to buy the nifty quasi-laptop I'm evaluating when the month is over.

But I am rarely among the early adopters in any technology "wave," and I am very aware of Larry Cuban's cautions about technology use in the classroom. So when is it worth it, and when does one throw in the towel? I generally wait until I can see one or two shrewd uses for something before I try it. So I waited a few years until I thought of how to use Movable Type before taking the several-hours' effort today (or yesterday and this morning) to install it and configure it to my satisfaction. I don't use a digital camera to take pictures of students (something I have to do to learn names); I use a tiny Polaroid camera that the company developed to find a niche with teens. Didn't Shakespeare writes something in Hamlet, "The use—the use's the thing wherein we'll catch the image of the thingamabob"? Uh, maybe not. But if it'll work for something I can use, I'll take it and run with it, and ignore the fancy stuff that's on sale somewhere in my metropolitan area.

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