December 27, 2003

Editing reviews

I've finally had a chance to go back to several in-pipeline reviews for the H-Net history of education e-mail list. It's not a mess, but the project got the short end of this semester, combined with some difficulties during the semester in the review process itself.

I twice got detoured during the semester by formatting issues on individual reviews (a problem when the pipeline for a review includes the reviewer, me as editor, a copyeditor, me again as editor, and then the list editor), and the time it took me then to get nowhere made me put off spending more hours until the point in the semester when everything piled up even more than it had been piling up earlier. So there are a rough half-dozen copyedited reviews that I need to sort through and send on their way, as well as several other reviews I need to send to the copyeditors (or check on). Having a back-end support for the reviews helps but is no cure-all. Editing is still a project that involves hands-on time, even with a small number of reviews.

So, to deal with what's in the pipeline, see where due reviews are, and then solicit more reviewers, books to review, and match up the two sets...

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