June 24, 2004

Decisions, decisions

I'm doing significant course development work in the fall on an entirely distance-learning course, and for this I've been offered a rather nice stipend that comes from a federal grant. That's very nice, but I don't really want that stipend. (I'm also not sure that I can take it, since I'm teaching an overload course in the fall that also comes with some money.) I first asked for it to go into an account I control that I can use to hire students, or pay for equipment (like a Linux server for my teaching, yeah!), etc. But the federal grant won't allow that, which is fine and proper.

So, depending on whether I can accept any of that stipend at all, I'll be putting a chunk of it towards hiring a student for the project. That's all fine with me, since these days my most valuable commodity is time. The question is, given my idiosyncratic use of technology in teaching, and the steep learning curve involved with lots of tools I might be interested in, what can I ask a student to do in the fall, and how might that be mutually beneficial?

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