July 4, 2004

Happy Birthday, U.S.A.

Today is generally reckoned as the 228th birthday of the United States of America. Some good wishes are therefore in order.

  • May you display the best ideals you've always put forth to the world. They're older now, but they're still good ones: equality under the law, freedom of thought and conscience, and the rule of law over the rule of might. You don't always remember them in the heat of the moment, but they are your abiding strengths.
  • May you use your diversity as another strength in its many guises.
  • May you use your military and political might with humility, because your mistakes will have more severe consequences that the mistakes of other nations.
  • May your people see their neighbors as another source of strength, especially when they disagree about the affairs of the nation, for without disagreement there is no correction.
  • May you have many more birthdays to celebrate.

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