October 26, 2004

Age-specific data from 20th c.

In working on my paper for the History of Education Society meeting in 12 days, I've been thinking about the work involved in historical data here. There are snippets of data in Harvard's Gutman Library (or otherwise gathered) from Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, New York, Louisiana, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. Some are from states (Arizona, Delaware, and Georgia), while others are from cities (Phoenix, Atlanta, NYC, Boston, Philadelphia). I expect I can get some very long runs of data from Georgia, NYC, and Philadelphia, and probably Arizona and Delaware. Not sure about Louisiana. But it involves quite a bit of travel.

Not that I mind the travel, but juggling various schedules will be interesting. I suspect I can get to the Georgia state archives in early January, and the rest will require a bit of work.

What I'd love in addition to the age-specific historical data would be age-specific data from states, so I wouldn't have to worry about the retention rates. Ages are nice and clean. Retention/promotion rates are much messier. I suspect I might be able to extract some help from here in Florida. I'm not so sure about other states. More legwork!

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