January 31, 2005

Time and pacing

This afternoon, I'm trying to finish as many short student papers as I can. Around Labor Day, when the second of four hurricanes hit Florida, I realized I had to start pacing myself for the duration of the term. Then two other hurricanes hit. Yikes. That pace became grueling, as I spent hours each week out of the house (to avoid taking out my aggravation on my wife and children), desperately keeping up with grading.

Right now, I'm taking a brief break. I have ten papers to go (out of forty submitted last week), and since they're low-stakes, I suspect I'll finish before I go to bed. Other things have gone by the wayside yesterday and today for this, but my sense of the world is that I need to get that done. On the other hand, I've thus far dropped (or avoided?) last year's habit of drafting long lists of things to do, akin to profgrrrl's frequent to-do and checkoff list. It's probably a response to keep my sanity, though I know some things minor things are slipping through the cracks. What I've learned last year is that something will always slip through the cracks, and priorities are not necessarily guaranteed with to-do lists. Well, that's a rationalization at least. Mel, of the academic In Favor of Thinking blog, recently discussed her rebalancing work and life. I'm still trying that, but my work instincts are getting the better of me today.

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