February 3, 2005


Head colds are nasty enough in life, they shouldn't make me restless and unproductive, but they tend to. I hope this is one of the few bad head colds (and I'm quite sure it's one of the few bad ones in a year) that does not keep me up until 2:30 or 3 late in the process. I've already run through this week's Sleep Equity, and while the weekend looks pretty good, I want energy next week to use my two free days for scribbling productively. I'm gonna be selfish and write write write!

And that would be the plan except for this darned cold. I'm sure I'll plow through writing and other tasks, but not as effectively. And my mind does funny things with head colds (and the resulting lower oxygen flow to my brain). For some reason, while I can do many things after 1 am or on little sleep the next day, thinking clearly and deeply about my research isn't one of them. Instead, my mind flits to random and useless topics like the rhetorical power of humorous triplets of pairs, or whether I can afford another dark-chocolate dessert this week. (You thought only female academics had such urges? Hah!) Or bad attempts at witticism like this union organizing line I will not use: "Dues or dues not. There is no try." As I said, I didn't guarantee quality under these conditions. Open brain, insert foot.

And I'd probably describe some of the productive things I did, except I've forgotten. I'm just glad I did them before I forgot.

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