February 9, 2005

The "bits and pieces" stage

I have to get my head back into a few pieces of writing I haven't seen in several months, disparate chapters from two books I'm co-editing. For one, Schools as Imagined Communities, I volunteered to add material to the introduction on a semi-chronological overview of what we could say about schools as communities, before the monographic chapters. Then I need to fix a few items in my own chapter. For the other book, about Florida's education reforms, I need to update our first chapter, make sure the citations for the chapters I'm a co-author on are tight, and hope that a mostly-revised chapter comes in shortly. Each book has been in the works for a few years, and I'll be happy to shepherd them into the hands of editors.

The first book is a set of historical perspectives on the notion of schools as communities, using Benedict Anderson's framework as a springboard for more detailed (and historically nuanced) discussions of how we have defined school communities. (Anderson's framework is provocative, and while historians have a number of arguments with it, we see it as useful primarily for the questions you can ask about communities.) The second book is the collaboration of historians and sociologists of education providing perspective on and evaluating Jeb Bush's education reforms.

But the process of finishing each manuscript will be detail-heavy. My brain will feel like I'm slogging through mug, even as I attempt to cut back drastically on caffeine...

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