February 18, 2005

Editors meeting

One of the promises I made in the proposal to become editor of Education Policy Analysis Archives was to head to the Phoenix area for a meeting to coordinate the transition early in 2005. Well, it's early in 2005, I'm on my way to the unveiling of my father's headstone, so I'm stopping off here to meet with Gene Glass (former editor), Chris Murrell (who does the technical stuff), and Gustavo Fischman (co-editor of the Spanish/Portuguese section of EPAA). I'm at the endstage of a cold—stuffy nose, forgot the decongestant at home—so I'm awake at about 4 am local time (6 am Florida time) and will try to get a bit more sleep shortly. But there are arcane matters of style to discuss, such as leading (pronounced "ledding"), indentation, bullet-point uses, etc. Or at least to just figure out. And I'm sure Gene has things he wants to discuss. No, not at 4 am! Maybe in 6 hours.

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