March 3, 2005

On Nixon's enemies list at last!

Okay, I didn't quite make Nixon's list—far too young for that. But I've been excoriated on David Horowitz's Front page magazine article by Jacob Laksin about "supporters of Ward Churchill" for my blog entry about conservatives who defended academic freedom. Hmmmn... Now, I wish Laksin had taken issue with my analysis (that would have been interesting), but I guess he was too busy writing a slam piece. The most curious thing is that the article misspelled corporatization when referring to one piece of my entry. Did he mean to imply I couldn't spell (I certainly did spell it correctly) or that he couldn't? At least they spelled my name correctly.

Thanks to Ralph Luker for pointing me to this. I forgot to credit his blog earlier this morning as I was writing this up. Mea culpa (which, for those slang slingers among you, is Latin for "my bad").

Note (5 pm): Jacob Laksin has pointed out that I misspelled his name. My apologies! I'll let him have his own word in a separate post.

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