March 5, 2005

Working for boba...

I'm currently in the north Tampa Boba Internet Cafe, having fled my office after a few hours of isolation (and good work on my chapter for the Imagined Communities book). I've seen it several times while driving past and decided to try it. It serves "bubble drinks," or sweetened teas or fruit drinks with tapioca pearls. Very sweet. It also has one of the pop radio stations on (tending towards rock but not too interesting), so I'm glad my work consisted entirely of setting up a reviewing-queue table for Education Policy Analysis Archives, copying titles, authors, and contact information into a table. I suppose I could have set up the next set of reviewers (my original intention, since I still have a backlog I inherited from my first day as editor, plus more manuscripts that have come in since), but I decided a good mindless task was appropriate, so I came up to the present on the titles and whatnot. I'll print it out and start assigning tentative reviewers over the next few days and start the next wave of reviews. Earlier today, I finished reading through the graduate-student editorial board applications (three dozen applicants, each with recommendation letters!), and the next step is consulting with the board. And there are two or three disposition letters I need to write—Monday, I think. I can't neglect my classes tomorrow, when I hope to get a bunch of teaching stuff done.

Anyone have a spare week or so?

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