March 10, 2005

And it just keeps coming

Two news stories reminds us all that the attacks on academic freedom and campus speech can come from anywhere. The sloppily-written so-called Academic Bill of Rights (ABOR) has been introduced in the Florida legislature as House Bill 837—something I need to write about, given my views about faculty needing to advocate for universities. For now, I will just note that the introduced bill omits the provision of the ABOR about legislators' not meddling in curriculum!

Do students have a right to academic freedom? Of course. The ABOR doesn't touch issues on private universities, but LeMoyne College has dismissed a student for advocating corporal punishment in schools, presumably because my teacher-education counterparts there believed that the A- paper indicated he couldn't follow state law forbidding corporal punishment. FIRE has gotten involved in this case, and they're right. Folks, what someone advocates in a paper is not necessarily related to their propensity to violate legal expectations.

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