March 15, 2005

Surprises from Cambridge to California

In a few days, the University of Colorado at Boulder lawyers stop negotiating a buy-out with Ward Churchill's lawyer, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education blog goes a bit overboard in making factual claims about the Foothills College imbroglio over a student's paper, there's a big online todo about whether David Horowitz has been fudging information about evil liberal professors, and there's also the new blogspat or blogrumble between Michael Bérubé and Robert KC Johnson, not to mention the fact that Harvard's Arts and Sciences faculty express no confidence in President Larry Summers, presumably over his management "style" in the last several years more than his specific comments about women in science (which was likely the last straw rather than the primary reason).

I'm not going to comment on anything extensively until I nail down this edited book manuscript we're trying to get out the door, however. Someone else will have to save academe, or it'll have to survive on its own, until then. The only teasing line I'll leave for my loyal 1.63 readers is that my USF colleague Greg McColm has a wonderful metaphor to explaining the piling-on in the Churchill case (and with Sami Al-Arian), much better than the term piling on. But I won't spoil the surprise. Just hope that he gets a book contract to explain it!

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