March 25, 2005

Ward Churchill news

Thanks to Ralph Luker for pointing out that the University of Colorado has released its preliminary report on the accusations against Churchill. The university decided to forward some of the allegations to the standing faculty committee on research misconduct but not to act on three matters:

  • His writings about the 9/11 terrorist attacks
  • One misconduct allegation made by Churchill's sister-in-law
  • Whether Churchill had gained an employment advantage by misrepresenting his ethnicity (a matter previously investigated, according to the report)

What's left is a set of research misconduct allegations with at least some documentation. The committee's procedures are fairly standard (in part because the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health have minimum requirements for research-misconduct committees). The narrowing of the allegations still under consideration allow everything to be considered by an existing committee with existing procedures, and that's all to the good in terms of separating out the substance from the political pressures, no matter what your impression on the allegations might be.

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