April 12, 2005

American Educational Research Association meeting

I'm in Montreal this week for the American Educational Research Association annual meeting, and it will be one of the odder conference visits I've ever had. I won't attend a single paper session....

I arrived yesterday, spent a few hours getting through customs, to my hotel, and checking in for the conference itself. Then I tried to attend a roundtable session with an overflow crowd and realized it was not to be, so I attended the annual lecture of the John Dewey Society by Herbert Kliebard and then the business meeting of the Communication of Research SIG, where we honored Gene Glass's service as founding editor of the Education Policy Analysis Archives. This morning I had breakfast with 9 members of the editorial boards for the journal and spent the morning walking through the exhibit hall buying far too many books and talking with editors about my plans for Academic Citizen. Nine or ten business cards later, it was time for lunch with an editor and some colleagues to talk about an edited book manuscript we sent and for me to sit back and listen to my colleagues pitch another book idea. Then time to go back to the hotel, swap the book load for my laptop, and head back to the exhibit hall, where I'm currently ensconsed in the internet cafe (one corner of the exhibit hall), trying to catch up on some things and prepare to work on my laptop sans connection while traveling tomorrow. In a little, I'll head to the business meeting of one of my divisions, and then run my class chat, and then head back to my hotel. And I leave tomorrow.

My major embarrassment is mixing up the day I'm supposed to be available as a journal editor to all comers at a roundtable of meet-the-editors. I was sure it was today, set my travel plans accordingly (returning tomorrow), and then realized the problem. Yikes!

Montreal itself is absolutely gorgeous in the spring. The sky was this pure azure yesterday right after the son set, and the Mont-Royal (that's the hill just north of McGill U., if I recall correctly) was silhouetted with the cross at the eastern end against the sky. I vaguely recall it as the setting for several scenes from Jesus of Montreal, but that may be my definitely fickle memory. Walking to breakfast this morning in the brisk air was wonderful, and the distance (a bit over a mile from my hotel) was perfect for exercise. So right now I'm nicely exhausted from the day's walks and strolls.

Tonight I find the hotspots in this hotel where I can run the class chat or go to the cafe on McGill College (the street, not the campus) where I can get online. In either case, a good run. Still, weird that I haven't attended any sessions, but I really, really needed to do the editors' walk this morning. Chatting with them gave me some ideas on how to organize the book or, at least, reinforced some ideas I had had already.

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