April 28, 2005

On privacy when traveling

One last entry tonight, and on a personal note (though not about the sad and mysterious disappearance of Lucius, my daughter's fire-bellied toad): I recently purchased an electric viola from the Electric Violin Shop and am currently waiting for a case for it and a bow. I played viola for 12 years as a child and picked it up again 20 years later when my daughter started with violin. It's been one of my sanity savers since the fall of 2003 and through a very hard 2004. (As I've told colleagues, If you misbehave, I'm going to open the case and use what's inside. I know—is my choice of instrument consistent with my self-image as someone who contributes to the greater harmony but is not really destined to be a star of anything? Sure, he says with a twisted grin.) But as I was traveling last month, I realized that I didn't feel very comfortable bringing my viola on trips where it might get banged up, and I didn't want to disturb other guests in a hotel. So this is a solution that lets me practice. It's very well made, almost as light as a real viola, and cool in many ways. I'll be bringing it on my next meeting at the end of next week. And to my guilty personal pleasures, the occasional SF convention. So I suppose I did engage in some retail therapy at the end of this semester.

Only there's very little sensual pleasure from playing this. Or at least not the same pleasure from having a vibrating wooden box under your chin. Oh, well. The compromises we make in work, travel, and pleasure ...

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