May 4, 2005

Glad my plate is full

I thought I'd come to Chain Bookstore to redeem my free drink as a reward after my fillings and then get some early grading done, but I'm useless on grading thanks to the epinephrine that went with the anesthesia. (For those who are curious, he said that it's a vasoconstrictor to delay the anesthesia's dissipation.) If this distractibility is what ADD/ADHD is like, I'm glad I don't have it. So I'll turn to something else: write more in the last chapter of Citizen-Scholar, try to ignore the gorgeous peahen looking in the window at all the food she'd like to snitch here in the bookstore cafe, and then go to my son's school advisory council meeting in 90 minutes to explain to the other parents that there is no research supporting the use of school uniforms.

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