May 5, 2005

The Morning's Back (and I'm Gonna Be in Trouble)

I'm behind the eight ball this morning on teaching for two reasons: I couldn't get to sleep before about 3 am and my university's Blackboard server has bollixed up the upload of my masters class's major assignment. I'm not sure why I didn't get to sleep until far too late—probably residual discomfort from the dental work yesterday morning—but I'm going to be groggy this morning. That's life, and since I've done prep work on grading the undergraduate exams (reading over some early responses to get a sense of the answers before I wade in completely), I'm not too worried. I had intended to do as much exam grading as I could today before I head to Orlando for the Florida Education Association delegate assembly over the next few days, and then grade the major papers for the masters class there in between all the things I need to do there.

But if I don't have the bulk of the papers downloaded to my computer (and most of them were uploaded as opposed to being written as online papers—innovative of the students who did), I can't do much grading in Orlando, and that would be very bad, as grades are due Monday. I've sent in a problem notice to the Academic Computing gurus, but I strongly suspect it's a nonrecoverable error. This means I'd have to contact all of the students who turned in papers over the past two days to e-mail them to me, causing problems for my in-box and delays. Poor students. Poor me. Likely to be late grades...

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