May 8, 2005


From no great matter, this bon mot:

Those who do not know the history of Americans' ignorance of history seem doomed to point it out repeatedly, acting each time as if it were something new.

This morning, I've retreated to Chain Cafe, reading student work frantically before heading up to Ocala for an un-Mother's Day, at least for me, for I then go to that town's Chain Cafe to continue reading student work frantically before driving back here to Tampa where I'll ... hopefully be finished. We'll see. In any case, the teaching anguish of the term now appears to be students who were so engaged in the material (or in creating Cool Tech) that they did not pay attention to the assignment. I did tell them all, "write the words first," but I'm afraid that was not enough. Students who were highly engaged will be penalized for not paying attention—not enough to ruin the semester grade—and I'll have to figure out what happened and what I can do in the future.

But this sure beats students who were disengaged and thus failed to pay attention to the assignment. The disengaged-student's work is easier to judge (okay, if he/she didn't spend much time on this assignment, I guess I don't have to spend much time grading it), but I'd rather have this anguish.

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