June 4, 2005

Accepting manuscripts

Now that I've been the editor at Education Policy Analysis Archives for six months, I'm starting to settle into the job. Some things are quick but don't give too much joy. Easily and without guilt, I can reject manuscripts that are clearly inappropriate (stuff that might belong in a popular magazine or course papers that were sent to me because the professor requires that one paper be submitted to a refereed journal). In a few cases, I've been able to accept a submission right off the bat. Most of my letters are rejections based on reviewers' comments and requests for authors to revise and resubmit manuscripts.

And I have had two things that have given me great joy thus far. One is the creation of the graduate-student editorial board, twenty new scholars from around North American who bring an energy and fresh preparation to the journal. The second include the acceptances of revised manuscripts. It is especially in revisions where I feel I am making some direct mark on a journal, not just in making decisions but in shaping specific articles.

I am still climbing the next learning curve, the post-acceptance process...

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