June 5, 2005

Educational Reform in Florida

Educational Reform in Florida: Diversity and Equity in Public Policy, a collection of essays edited by Kathy Borman and me, has been accepted for publication by SUNY Press. The collaborative work was supported for several years by the Spencer Foundation, and with sociologists and historians as the authors, it covers a broad range of perspectives on the last six years or so of school reform in Florida. The chapters:

  1. Issues in Florida Educational Reform (Kathryn Borman and Sherman Dorn)
  2. The Legacy of Desegregation in Florida (Deidre Cobb-Roberts and Barbara Shircliffe)
  3. The Legacy of Educational Finance Reform in Florida (Sherman Dorn and Deanna Michael)
  4. Accountability as a Means of Improvement: A Continuity of Themes (Deanna Michael and Sherman Dorn)
  5. Diversity, Desegregation, and Accountability in Florida Districts (Tamela McNulty Eitle)
  6. Equity, Disorder, and Discipline in Florida Schools (David Eitle and Tamela McNulty Eitle)
  7. Competing Agendas for University Governance: Placing the Conflict between Jeb Bush and Bob Graham in Context (Larry Johnson and Kathryn Borman)
  8. One Florida, the Politics of Educational Opportunity, and the Language of White Advantage (Larry Johnson and Deidre Cobb-Roberts)
  9. Florida’s A+ Plan: Education Reform Policies and Student Outcomes (Reginald Lee, Kathryn Borman, and William Tyson)

The book does not cover every possible topic, and I wish we had a chapter covering vouchers, among other things. But I'm happy to have this accepted, and I look forward to its publication (I assume towards the end of the year or, more probably, early in 2006).

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