June 12, 2005

Florida school grades

Last week, the Florida Department of Education released its assignment of letter grades to Florida schools. There's plenty of discussion in Florida's newspapers about various things, but I don't think anyone has looked at the grades vis-a-vis the hardest-hit counties from last fall's hurricanes. Here's what I noticed:

And yes, for some reason, you have to scroll down...

In Escambia, Polk, or St. Lucie county? Maintained or improved school grade Decreased school grade Proportion decreased
All schools
Escambia, Polk, or St. Lucie 154 43 22%
Other counties 1967 460 19%
Elementary schools
Escambia, Polk, or St. Lucie 87 34 28%
Other counties 1185 296 20%
Middle schools
Escambia, Polk, or St. Lucie 33 4 11%
Other counties 393 75 16%
High schools
Escambia, Polk, or St. Lucie 25 3 11%
Other counties 275 61 18%

Note: The analysis excludes schools that are missing grades for either 2004 or 2005. The top part of the table includes schools with other grade configurations. (Thanks to my spouse for pointing out I had the numbers reversed the first time I put this up.)
Source: Florida School Grades web site

This is rather curious indeed, and I'm not sure what to make of it.

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