July 6, 2005

In the Georgia Archives (again)

I'm back in the Georgia Archives again this week, with a digital camera taking images of the local superintendents' reports to the state department of education from the late 30s through the early 60s. At the moment, they don't allow use of flash or tripods, so it's an interesting challenge to hold my arms still enough to take decent images. I'm doing a good job thus far, with the help of the camera's timer. It's just taking a long time even to do one year, because there are 170-180 school districts in Georgia. I spent last night thinking about streamlining this to a set of counties by category: major cities, Atlantic coast, Black Belt near the Alabama border, and the northeastern mountains near SC and TN.

I'll see if I can get permission to post some of the photographs, less for the age-grade tables I'm grabbing than some images that illustrate ... well ... it's an obvious bureaucratic tip to segregation once you see the images, but I don't want to spoil the surprise.

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