July 9, 2005

More foolish search committee stuff

I've slowly come to agree with remarks I've seen in various places that the anonymous columns in the Chronicle of Higher Education constitute an attractive nuisance for whining academics. The latest case in point is anonymous Ivan Tribble, who warns potential bloggers of the dangers posed by search committees who might read one's blog and strike you from a search. Daniel Drezner has the best advice for such a search committee: don't ever hire anyone, if you're fearful that your colleague might embarrass you. Margaret Soltan points out that this provides an incentive for academics to write articles for obscure journals that few will read.

Now, I suppose that there's a risk that an academic blogger might say something embarrassing for one's institution. I suppose a search committee has the right to be paranoid about some things. So let me ask my faithful 2.37 readers: what is the likelihood that someone who crafts an anonymous column for the Chronicle will write something embarrassing? Or, more to the point, when was the last time you read a non-whiny anonymous column at the Chronicle?

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