July 19, 2005

Work horcruxes

This is going to be a fragmented week. Yesterday, I served part of my jury duty in the federal courthouse and finished an article review for a journal before I went to voir dire for a civil suit. I wasn't chosen, so I'll see if I need to head downtown again next Monday for another round. In the meantime, I had two chats for my online course, rescheduled the last two chats for this weekend, will be reading the group wiki pages and then the multimedia essay and calculate final grades, all while trying to catch up on my editorial duties for Education Policy Analysis Archives and of course seeing my family (including my mother, who flies in Wednesday night en route to taking my daughter to an Elderhostel trek next week).

For those who have read HP6, I'll just say that I have several work horcruxes. No, I didn't do anything evil to create them.

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