July 19, 2005

Bérubé on theory

Why I read Michael Bérubé's blog: items like today's, which discusses ostraninie (a Russian term which I've heard translated as "technique of the naive observer") as a starting point for the last n decades of literary criticism and broader theory. One pithy bit:

When theory works—when it leads you to see things about texts and textuality that you’d never seen before—it’s a remarkable thing: you come away thinking, “well, I’ll never look at rhetorical questions quite the same way again,” or “I’ll never look at drag the same way again,” or (for you Raymond Williams fans out there) “I’ll never think of the word ‘culture’ in the same way again.”

Then Bérubé rips into Baudrillard by discussing when theory doesn't work, but you'll have to read the entire entry for that passage. He may be appealing to my baser nature with the reference ot Williams and Keywords, but I'll forgive him.

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