September 23, 2005


Lots of little things done this week but no long stretch of time where I could get one or two significant things done. To steal from the nursery rhyme (can anyone give me an authoritative source, or is this "Trad."?):

Monday's work was fair for meetings.
Tuesday's work had student seatings.
Wednesday's work was lots of grading.
Thursday's talks were very sating.
Friday's meetings were very long.
Saturday's work would turn out wrong.
The work I'll do on the second weekend day
will surely turn my remaining hair gray.

I was hoping to get an Education Policy Analysis Archives issue out today, but some issues on each of the next two articles are still unresolved, so that's delayed. I've started to climb that particular learning curve, and then a few others hit, with no immediate resolution, and then lots of short things ate up the rest of the time.

And then there's indexing of the Schools as Imagined Communities book, whose proofs go back at the end of next week. Aiiieieieieieie! Nothing's inherently wrong, I'm keeping up with essential things and have almost everything else lined up in some reasonable way, but I haven't had two hours' open time for anything but grading. And Blackboard isn't coughing up feedback for my students, so I'll need a workaround if the Blackboard techies can't help by Monday.

Nothing wrong, at all, that a little time and the bashing of Blackboard won't accomplish.

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