October 27, 2005

Whose choice?

A first cynical response by one British parent to Tony Blair's education-reform speech promising more parental choice:

It appears that the education bill basically does the complete opposite of what they're saying. Schools will have the freedom to select—but not by ability. LEAs [Local Education Agencies] are not being stripped of their powers, they're being extended—all they're losing is the word "education" in their title. "New powers for parents" is the right to be consulted (and ignored). Schools will "employ their own staff"—but only under the national pay/conditions agreements. And funding will still come from the local councils from which they're supposed to be being "freed." "Our three priorities are doublespeak, doublespeak, doublespeak" one might say...

I know Phil, so maybe I'm biased, but he's generally a sharp fellow.

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